Our Recruiting Parthenon

The ORI recruiting approach
The History of Recruiting
Pre-Internet Recruiting

High-quality candidate sourcing and screening is the most important yet time-consuming component of the recruiting process. This is where we shine, as we capitalize on our 25 years of experience meshed with our offshore recruiting team and Parthenon recruiting approach.

Recruiting has evolved over the last few years. The major change has been the technology and overwhelming access to passive and active candidates. There are many ways to attract candidates, and they all work depending on the hiring scenarios. The limiting factors are selecting the best approach and man-hours. The overall goal is networking and activating awesome talent by presenting an excellent opportunity in a proactive manner. The critical step is reaching out to the correct pool of potential candidates and delivering a quick and compelling job change message. The more targeted outbound activity, the more company awareness, prospect interest, and resumes. We are experts at developing the correct methodology and quickly integrating our recruiting team into the selected process.

Traditionally, recruiting was performed using a one-dimensional approach, the telephone. If you could make 50 calls a day and get 20 people on the phone you were doing pretty well. With the invention of voicemail and caller ID, calls back have been reduced. Potential applicants can now screen all calls. The best way to increase callbacks is to make more calls.

  • icons8-ringing-phone-500.png
    Telephone only
  • icons8-horizontal-line-500.png
    One dimension only
  • icons8-call-transfer-500.png
    60-80 outbounds calls a day
  • icons8-disapprove-500.png
    Yikes-Boiler Room
  • icons8-front-desk-500.png
    Recruiting around the receptionist

Technological advances
Recruiting progress through technology

Luckily with the upgrade in technology has come the internet and with the internet a number of overwhelming possibilities to contact active and passive potential job seekers.

  • icons8-linkedin-500.png
    Omnichannel social platforms
  • icons8-open-envelope-500.png
  • icons8-push-notifications-500.png
    Telephone technologies
  • icons8-monitor-500.png
    Traditional job postings

Enter our Parthenon Approach
A sequential approach to activation and engagement

We have found the best approach to recruiting is to use simultaneous processes to attract talent. We call this our Parthenon approach.

  • icons8-stairs-up-500.png
    Constant improvement and evolution
  • icons8-send-file-500.png
  • icons8-post-stamp-500.png
    In Mails
  • icons8-artificial-intelligence-500.png
  • icons8-chat-500.png
  • icons8-mobile-social-networking-500.png
    Voicemail technology
  • icons8-social-network-500.png
  • icons8-meeting-500.png

How it works
Client Collaboration

  • icons8-report-card-500.png
    Understand client's business→

    What do they do and why? Mission, Vision, and Values. Why should a person change jobs?

  • icons8-ball-point-pen-500.png
    Pitch development→

    A written and verbally compelling marketing pitch that improves over the course of the project

  • icons8-select-all-500.png
    Validate and test job description→

    Does the job specification match to the actual hiring requirements?

  • icons8-profile-500.png
    Calibrate with applicant profiles→

    What profiles are on target with the job specification?

  • icons8-radar-500.png
    Build eco systems→

    Where to "fish" for top professionals?

  • icons8-find-and-replace-500.png
    Granular Searches using AI→

    We use top recruiting tools and are constantly evaluating new technologies

How it works
Our Applicant Community

  • icons8-restaurant-table-500.png
    Interview Preparation

  • icons8-numbered-list-500.png
    Resume coaching
  • icons8-popular-500.png
    Career Advice
  • icons8-compose-500.png
    Prepared Personal Presentation

End result

  • icons8-confetti-500.png
    Happy Clients
  • icons8-cool-500.png
    Happy Candidates
  • icons8-skyscrapers-500.png
    Exits and Acquisitions
  • icons8-star-500.png
    Revenue Generation
  • icons8-party-500.png
    Promotions and Career Progression

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